A Guide to the best Showers for Your Bathroom

A Guide to the best Showers for Your Bathroom

In this guide, we will be covering different types of showers and what showers will be the best for your bathroom installation or renovation.  There are many different types of showers, and in this series, we will be talking about electric showers and what you need to think about before planning to buy one.

The bathroom is a sanctuary for everyone, and it is the place to have some calm, peace, and quiet, not forgetting self-care after a really busy day. It is the place we escape to the most. Of course, you want it to be the best bathroom you can afford.  We will be discussing what type of shower you might want to buy, the sizing and space of your bathroom, and everything besides.

Bathroom renovations or installations do not have to cost a lot of money, set a budget and make a plan for the shape and space you have in your bathroom, check out the electric showers online and decide which you want to invest in and commit to buying.

What is an electric shower?

An electric shower is heated by an electrical element and uses cold water and heats it up to give warm water from the shower head.  It is one of the most popular types of showers in the UK and is said to be the most common in households in the UK.

They are also cost-effective and do not run up huge energy bills. This is a blessing, especially in the current energy climate and crisis.  Most households are having to reduce their energy bills, so this type of shower is a good choice for those wanting to do this.

Also, electric showers are perfect for those wanting to design a new bathroom on a budget.

What brands of electric showers can I buy?

There is a massive choice of electric shower brands on the market, such as Triton, Mira, Aqualisa, and Bristan, which not only gives you lots of choices but also choices within your budget as well.  Some are cheaper options, some are more expensive, and there are also brands that are a little bit in between.

Aqualisa offers a custom-made mosaic inlay, and Mira offers beautifully colored fascia.  There really is an electric shower out there on the market for everyone and every budget.

Still unsure if you want to change up your bathroom with an electric shower? Want to renovate your bathroom but only have a small budget?

If you would like more information on electric showers from Victoria Plum, visit the following website for more planning tips or call today and chat with one of their experienced staff who can help answer any of your questions.  They even have a showroom in your area to call and look at the showers for a visual look at them.

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