6 Easy And Efficient Ways To Prevent Global Warming From Your Home


In the future, every drop of drinking water will be worth its weight in gold. A huge number of people, reeling under the baking summers in the future will need drinking water. Even now, we have seen temperatures rising to new heights each year, and the cause according to experts is climate change due to human activities. We look at governments and activists to take steps to check global warming. But the reality is, that every single person on the planet has to take a closer look at their lifestyles – even you – and do the needful to reduce your carbon footprint and prevent global warming from your home. Remember, every bit counts.

What can you do to prevent global warming from your home? 

Raise your voice


The time to sit back and comment on the global warming situation within your home is past. You have to become proactive, so that the decision makers hear your voice too – your opinion matters. You can do this by signing petitions, contacting the political representative of your area, and reminding him/her that immediate steps have to taken to reduce greenhouse gases’ emissions. Vote for those who say they care about the environment so that you can have a conversation with them on how to reduce the drastic changes in the climate.

Curb your energy use


You might already be using CFL or LED lights in your home and unplugging your devices and appliances when not in use. To further prevent global warming from your home, wash your clothes in cold water at least 90% of the time. Dryers are energy suckers, so hang-drying your clothes will be the best solution. A thermostat, which is programmable, is the answer to reducing your electricity bills even more. The Energy Star rating on appliances is the key to conserve more energy at home. These eco-friendly ways to reduce global warming impact may seem like a drop in the ocean. But if everyone thinks and acts like you, it will make a huge difference to the planet.

Choose your food wisely

vegan diet

The food you eat has an impact on the climate too. If your food has to travel thousands of miles, then it has a big carbon footprint. Eating locally grown organic food will reduce your carbon footprint too. To prevent global warming from your home, you have to cut down your consumption of meat and dairy, and plan more plant-based meals. Besides, eating saturated healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil, and getting your protein from eggs, chia seeds, and flax seeds can give your body the proteins it needs instead of getting it from animal protein.

Choose to use renewable power

woman with a solar panel

In your quest to prevent global warming from your home, choose eco-friendly ways to reduce global warming impact. For example, renewable energy is now an affordable option. Energy derived from the sun is one of the most popular and easily available options right now. The cost of installing solar panels may be a bit more now, but it’s a solid investment for the future – both for you and the planet. If you’re thinking how to reduce the drastic changes in the climate, then going for renewable energy is one of the best ways.

Reduce your waste

recycle plastic bottle

The garbage in the landfills emit methane, a toxic greenhouse gas. You could help to reduce the emission of methane by reducing food waste. Shop only for the food you will consume in a week. Compost garden and kitchen waste. Buy recycled goods as much as possible, and reuse all the things you have in your home. Stop buying plastic bottles and other single-use items. This is one of the best ways to prevent global warming from your home.

Reduce air travel


Air travel causes a lot of atmospheric pollution. Allow yourself and your family one vacation where you fly out, or vacation near home and video conference as much as possible. Explore the locale near your home to find beautiful holiday spots or go on a road trip adventure. Being eco-friendly might lead to experiencing things you may not even have dreamt of. Have you heard of staycations? Try doing that for a change! 

Plant trees, walk, bike, or carpool with your colleagues. Spread awareness about global warming and inspire others with your example. Help them to make eco-friendly choices, which will ultimately benefit them and the environment.

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