52 New amazing Species found in Borneo: WWF

southeast asian island of borneo 9The Southeast Asian island of Borneo happens to be a lost paradise! It is since 2005, scientists have discovered at least 52 new animals and plants species in the island. According to WWF International, one of the amazing species found, there was also a catfish that deserves mentioning! — It has protruding teeth and suction cups on its belly enabling it to stick to rocks.

With much of Borneo being covered by one of the world’s last remaining rain forests, the total number of species newly identified on the island amounts to more than 400 since 1996! — WWF, known in North America as the World Wildlife Fund said.

Six Siamese fighting fish and a bright green-eyed tree frog along with other creatures were discovered between July 2005 and September 2006. The Siamese fish have unique colors and markings to distinguish themselves from their close relatives.

These findings mystifies on what nature has more in store for us to discover, triggering the impertinent minds of the scientists.

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