500 Largest Rivers in the World Drying to Extinction: U.N. Report Warns

major world rivers

Do you know most of the 500 largest rivers in the world are drying up or polluted?! The United Nations is expected to issue a report this week on the dire situation the world is in now! According to the Independent, the World Water Development Report will condemn the trend as a “disaster in the making” and urge changes in how the waterways are utilized and cared for.

It is said that dams are preventing the water flow from the 20 longest rivers into the ocean and sea. The fish species are getting affected by the water shortage, and at some points, by the rising temperature of the water attributed to global warming. If water reaches that far at all, the Nile, Colorado, Jordan, Rio Grande, Pakistan’s Indus and China’s Yellow River are all much weaker as they flow into the ocean.

Via: Physorg

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