145 million-year-old plant-eating largest dinosaur ever found in Europe!

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Yet another fossilized remain of one of the largest animals ever to walk the Earth about 145 million years ago, is discovered! — a gargantuan plant-eating dinosaur! It is up to 125 feet long, weighing as much as seven elephants!

It is named — Turiasaurus riodevensis — after the region and village in Spain where it was found. The fossilized dinosaur was a sauropod, with a long neck, long tail and huge body that walked the earth on four masculine legs.

This sauropod is the largest dinosaur ever found in Europe! It was mostly in the Americas and Africa that previous dinosaurs of this scale have been found. Luis Alcala of Fundacion Conjunto Paleontologico de Teruel-Dinopolis in Teruel, Spain, by e-mail, said,

This discovery is the dream of a paleontologist. Really, I’m not dreaming?

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