11 Inspirationally Stunning Eco-friendly Schools Around The World

APAP school, Korea

We cannot live a sustainable lifestyle unless we know what it exactly means. And how is supposed to teach us what sustainability means? It’s our educational institution who have this duty. However, these institutions cannot teach the students something that they themselves don’t practice. Therefore, it is necessary that they should not only follow sustainable practices in their campuses, but their buildings should also have sustainable designs as well.

Educational institutions are taking the lead in designing beautiful and eco-friendly school buildings and campuses. Students have access to environment-friendly features during their time there. The schools hope to inculcate a love for the environment in the students. However, the next generation would see with their own eyes the benefits of living an eco-friendly lifestyle, and understand the necessity to protect the environment. Take a look at these eco-friendly schools around the world who have created a green environment for their students. These schools have won accolades for their aesthetically pleasing and functional design. Experts from Write my essay helped us to collect information about eco-friendly schools around the world who have created a green environment for their students.

11 – Best eco-friendly schools around the world

1. Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts

Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts

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Recent studies have concluded that a natural environment fosters better IQ development of students. In fact, students who learn in schools which feature outdoor view have abundant natural light and are free to move around, do better in reading, standardized tests, and math. This school in Los Angeles was designed by the internationally renowned architecture company Coop Himmelb(l)au. The campus of the school is visually stunning and it is one of the most green schools around the world. In addition, it is earthquake resistant and has good energy efficient standards too.

2. The Green School, Bali

The Green School, BaliImage Source :

This is also one of the best eco-friendly school designs in the world. The campus structure consists of bamboo, which has sustainable origings. The magnificent campus owes its inception to the firm PT Bambu. The main school building is a spiraling structure which has many stories. Furthermore, it has four classrooms, cafes, gym, and housing – and the school runs on clean energy. In addition, solar energy, micro-hydro energy,y and biomass boiler makes the school energy-efficient.

The curriculum too focuses on sustainability and offers quite a few scholarships to the local children.

3. American University

This university was established in 1893 and is known for its sustainable efforts. It has many student participation programs for green efforts. In fact, it has plans to have zero waste by 2020. The best green thing about it – apart from solar energy and other green initiatives – is the number of green courses it offers. Moreover, it offered 1,079 sustainability-focused courses in 2012, which is very important. These courses fulfill the need to train students in many green areas, who can then go on to help the planet stay green. In addition, it’s one of the truly eco-friendly schools around the world.

4. North Liverpool Academy – Liverpool, England

North Liverpool Academy – LiverpoolImage Source :

This school is one of the ecofriendly high school campuses around the world. It is a beautiful building with a stunning center. Natural daylight is abundant and the students can enjoy the view of the River Mersey. The Welsh mountains in the distance add to visual relief. All these features have made it an outstanding landmark in Liverpool.

5. Innovative Pilot High School – Poitiers, France

Innovative Pilot High School – Poitiers, FranceImage Source :

This is one of the most incredible ecofriendly schools around the world. It looks like a sci-fi building, with its unique triangular structure. It is one of the most ecofriendly school designs in Europe. The school houses a university and a high school. Students can graduate directly to the university after they complete their school education. Technology and communication are the two subjects the school focuses on majorly.

6. Project FROG – Watkinson school

Project FROG - Watkinson schoolImage Source :

Project FROG is a kit which enables schools to become eco-friendly in the shortest time possible. The expertise by Watkinson School in the Bay area, America becomes evident in this. The school’s classrooms consist of 50% recycled raw material. There are 60n solar panels on the roof. This causes the school to produce more electricity than it needs. Students and teachers take movation from the green environment and features. Additionally, teachers instill environmental awareness in the students.

7. Diamond Ranch High School, LA

Diamond Ranch High School,Image Source :

One of the most awesome ecofriendly high school campuses around the world, this school was built on land which was considered to be unusable. The landscape was very challenging, with varying slopes and a 380 feet relief. The firm behind the architecture, Morphosis, integrated the features into the design, rather than displacing a huge amount of land.

8. Oaxaca School of Plastic Arts

Oaxaca School of Plastic ArtsImage Source :

It’s one of the most green schools around the world. The building was made from materials on site. Moreover, it also has the tailings of other bermed earth projects to create its extraordinary rammed earth campus buildings. The artist Francisco Toledo took help of the firm Taller de Arquitectura to create an organic campus.

The entire campus consists of earth-bermed and stonewalled building, big, green courtyards and native plants which require less water. One of the bestecofriendly schools around the world, this one has north-facing windows as well as lots of natural light and cross ventilation, which makes the interiors bright and refreshing. Furthermore, the massive, thick walls block out the ambient noise.

9. APAP school, Korea

APAP school, KoreaImage Source :

This singular school is an innovative art school constructed from shipping containers. The building’s flowing shape is constructed from 8 converted containers which were lifted 3 meters above the ground. In addition, it has two studios, a gallery, a meeting room, and the open area beneath serves as an amphitheater.

10. Monkseaton High School – North Tyneside, England

Monkseaton-High-School-–-North-Tyneside-EnglandImage Source :

It’s one of the best ecofriendly schools around the world. It has smaller classrooms, facilitating better communication between students and teachers. The shape of the building is elliptical and was designed by Devereax Architects. Moreover, the campus has 31 wind catchers of many colors, making the building beautiful and heat resistant. Solar panels heat the water used in the school. The exquisite design and eco friendly attributes has made the school famous all over the world.

11. Herwig Blankertz Vocational School

Herwig Blankertz Vocational SchoolImage Source :

This is a high school which has been made by converting and old WW II Armory. The school is solar powered and daylit. The structural elements from the Armory were retained – except for the roof. Moreover, the roof was replaced by translucent glass and solar panels.

Prefabricated classrooms are tucked inside the ecofriendly building. The students have the opportunity to learn in the beautiful airy building which is vibrant and beautiful. In addition, this school is one of the most amazing ecofriendly schools around the world.

All these eco friendly schools are highlighting the need for more green structures around the world. Furthermore, studying in ecofriendly schools and universities makes students more intelligent according to various research studies. It makes them understand how to practice sustainable living from an early age.

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