Will listing Polar Bears as 'Threatened' compel U.S. industries to curb CO2 output?

polar bear hunting a seal 9Compared to the rest of the world, the Northern latitudes are warming twice as rapidly! — According to a 2004 scientific assessment. With the Arctic’s annual ocean temperatures predicted to rise with an additional 13 degrees Fahrenheit by the century’s end, the polar bears that use the summer ice as a platform to hunt for ringed seals will decline 50 to 100 percent!

The National Center for Atmospheric Research researchers have found a worst-case scenario, just this month, which reveals that summer sea ice could disappear by 2040! And, hence this could lead to the extinction of the polar bears.

Proving into the scenario, the Bush administration has decided that the polar bear will be proposed for listing as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The government said that global warming could lead the world’s most recognizable animals to extinction!

But again, the identification of the polar bears as ‘threatened with extinction’ could eventually kick up an enormous political and practical controversy!

Occupying an important place in the American psyche, the world’s largest bear – being put on the endangered species list – raises the legal question –

Will the government be required to compel U.S. industries to curb their carbon dioxide output? It is because; scientists have — for long– concluded that carbon dioxide emission from power-plant and vehicles is accelerating climate change across the world!

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