Warming reducing global crop production by 40 million metric tons per year!

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Major food crops are causing an annual loss of roughly $5 billion over a span of just two decades! But, what is leading to this crisis?Global warming once again, a new study said. The study was conducted by researchers at the Carnegie Institution and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

The online journal Environmental Research Letters has published that it is from 1981-2002; warming reduced the combined production of — wheat, corn, and barley by 40 million metric tons per year!

The recent climate trends – which can be attributed to human activity — have had a discernible negative impact on several major crops’ global production. The fertilization effects of the increase in CO2 levels have offset the impact of warming to some extent. But, this is not the last word, as the magnitude of these effects is uncertain to an extent. It is also a subject of much debate.

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