Some Birds Are Not Flying South: Blame Global Warming?

european songbirdsAfrica will gradually stop witnessing the European songbirds, as they are canceling their winter trips there as a break. Rather, they seem to be preferring to fly to Great Britain instead, according to bird experts. European songbirds may be story for the coming generations. This surprising detour in European warbler migrations was revealed by data from an ongoing survey that involves bird-watchers across Britain. Rising numbers of warblers, which spend their summers in northern Europe, are no longer flying south to Africa and the Mediterranean each fall, the survey shows. Last year, eleven species of migratory warblers wintered in Britain. Reports from more than a thousand British birdwatchers included sightings of around 1,500 blackcaps (Sylvia atricapilla) and almost 1,000 chiffchaffs (Phylloscopus collybita). Do the warblers’ migration to Britain instead of Africa could be a response to global warming?

Via: National Geographic News

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