Scientists stress on massive research in polar regions to understand impact of climate change

antrctica regions 1822
In Antarctica ice sheets are
ontinuously melting due to rise in sea level
which is the result of global warming.Research in the polar regions has never been more important to understand impacts of climate change but now the researchers are stressing on the research in the polar regions to understand the impact of the climate change.

A range of research is going on which includes ice core drilling and biodiversity studies, giving the vital information about the rapid changes in the planet due to global warming.

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) runs nine research programs in Antarctic, operating five research stations, two ships and five aircraft for the purpose. It receives an annual budget of £40m ($80m) from the Natural Environment Research Council.

The International Polar Year is going to start on March 1 in which scientists from more than 60 countries will participate. IPY will bring together thousands of scientists from more than 60 countries, working on more than 200 research projects. The program actually runs for two years in order to allow equal coverage of both the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Source: BBC NEWS

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