Russian Drilling Will Pollute Antarctic Lake: Scientists Fear

Did the curious Russian researchers think of the consequences before taking up the project? Or they rushed it, letting intrusiveness dominate their responsibility towards the environment? All these questions have raised as they are preparing to crack the secrets of a lake that has lain buried beneath a two-mile layer of Antarctic ice for 16 million years. As they believe its lessons could be crucial in deciphering climate change, developing new medicines and understanding how life might evolve on other worlds, scientist in other countries fear the consequences of the project.

The plan to drill into the lake has alarmed them, who say the project is rushed, its technology is untested and it could pollute Lake Vostok’s waters irretrievably. Microbiologist Dr Cynan Ellis-Evans, of the British Antarctic Survey, said: ‘The Russian drillers have almost reached Lake Vostok, and their borehole is brimming with about 60 tonnes of kerosene, antifreeze and bacteria. If that leaked into the lake, it would ruin it. I have yet to see evidence that the proposed technology has been fully field-tested.’

Via: The Guardian

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