River pollutants threaten Great Barrier Reef

great barrier reef 1822
Great Barrier Reef stretching along 1400 miles down the North East coast is already under the major threat of global warming. Recent Satellite images taken buy NASA have brought into the notice the another great threat to reef than ever realized. There are sediments creating a hazy cloud over the reef which blocks sunlight and hinders photosynthesis (the process that keeps coral alive).

Global warming rises the sea temperature causing frequent coral bleaching and it is expected that there will be more frequent storms, such as cyclones that lash Australia’s tropical north and flood rivers flowing into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

The sediment run off carries pesticides washed off farmlands, which might threaten the Reef’s ecology.

CSIRO scientist Arnold Dekker said the images would change the way scientists analyzed reef pollution and that they showed land care practices needed to be improved in order to save the reef from destruction.

Source: MSNBC

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