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Offshore Drilling Bill Curbed

Was planning to drill offshore along the country? Hold on. The lawmakers from Florida and other coastal states have pulled the offshore drilling legislation from being considered in the US House. The House Resources Committee is expected to consider next.

Indigent Haiti Bids Katrina Aid

Poor with capital, but rich at heart. The benevolent Haitian government and a group of businessmen from the impoverished country in the Americas proposed the US $36,000 donations to aid victims of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. Need mentioning, the…

Great Lakes States Anticipates Asian Carp

If the Asian carp maintains or destroys the ecosystem is still a question. But, following a north-south fish fight, the Congress demands a ban in imports of Asian carp, a bearcat that fish farmers of the south depend on to control parasites. Officials of.

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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

So, what are we leaving behind for the unborns? It’s unimaginable how our every step counts towards our responsibility! Just feel it. And let us help you through our…

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