Peru volcano endangering villages throwing toxic smoke into air

volcano gushing toxic gases

Smoke and ash gushed out of the volcano in the Moquegua region 550 miles south of Lima, in southern Peru’s small farming town. Officials urged its residents to evacuate the town on Tuesday, as it rose 2,600 feet into the air. The residents are given a ‘yellow alert’, which signifies that precautionary measures due to emission of gases and steam are to be taken. Nearby towns too, felt small tremors.

The volcano has already sent ash and sulfur as far away as the town of Ubinas. It is a home to 3,500 people five miles away. Small tremors have also been felt in nearby towns.

Civil Defense there, is taking all possible measures to help the habitants fight against the toxic air, as they are reluctant to evacuate the place. An official informed that the town of Querapi is supplied with small anti-gas masks and covers for their water deposits.

Via: Reuters

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