Oil Palm Project Endangers Indonesia's Rainforests and Orangutans

indonesian rainforestsGlen Barry in Rainforest Portal rightly said natural ancient rainforests are too valuable to be replaced by oil palm plantations! This reaction is on the basis of the fact that to create a massive oil palm, Indonesia plans to cut a 2,000 kilometer long, five kilometer wide swathe through one of the world’s largest remaining areas of pristine rainforest.

The project would lead to the destruction of two million hectares of ancient rainforest in West and East Kalimantan. ‘Slicing through’, as Barry accurately says, three national parks, it traverses almost the entire border with Malaysia. These remote rainforests on the island of Borneo are home to countless species of rare birds, plants and mammals including the largest remaining wild orangutan population.

Via: Rain Forest Portal

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