Nepal is no longer safe for Rihnos

asfs 62 Maoist insurgency in Nepal has not only caused damage in terms of economy and politically but it has endangered the lives of many rare animal species as well. As per the report published on BBC website, poachers in the southwestern Nepal have killed a large number of one-horned rhinos in the recent years due to the lack of protection given to the animals.
It is believed that poachers’ main aim behind the killing of these rhinos was to use his horn for making medicines, which allegedly intensify sexual desires.

Stats show that number of rhinos has plummeted to 26 which stood at 83 four years ago. This number has also come down to 405 from 500 in 2000 in Chitwan Park. Maoist insurgency impelled Nepali government to pull out troops from the parks following the Maoist threat.

However, some reports state that rhinos may have been shifted to the Indian border touching Nepal but conservationists deny such claims. After the recent accord with Maoist rebels, the government is in a process to re-establish check posts in and around the national parks. It has raised a ray of hope for animal philanthropists.

Via: BBC

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