Indonesia quake update: Death toll nears 5,000, food aid arrives

earthquake victim

Two days have passed, but the quake is still having its merciless effects on the hard-hit heavily populated districts of central Java, Indonesia. Death toll has nearly reached the 5000 mark, leaving 4,000 injured – according to the country’s Social Affairs Ministry.

Emergency food aid is arriving, with the first U.N. aid flight having landed in the quake zone. According to The Associated Press, the flight carries water, hygiene kits and tents, and the rescuers are still struggling sifting through the debris of homes in search for survivors.

To speed up these relief efforts, the government has declared a state of emergency. Overwhelmed by the number of the injured, hospitals are flooded with 4000 victims of which 2,192 are seriously wounded. With these soaring numbers of victims, the medical workers fear that tens of thousands of them may not be receiving adequate treatment.

Via: CNN

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