How your green roof can raise your green quotient

You must have heard about the green roof concept a number of times, and probably even seen some buildings with green roofs. Still you are not clear and just have a vague understanding as to what this concept is all about. Well, continue reading because this article intends to educate you all regarding what green roofs are and how they benefit individuals and the society as a whole.

Brings nature close to your urban home


You have your house in a metro city that is a concrete jungle. You cannot see trees around and you feel so detached from nature. If this is the case then what is stopping you from getting a green roof for your home.

It can altogether transform your home environment by adding so much of natural element around. It is like having your private jungle on your roof, and that too when you are surrounded by a concrete jungle, it looks fabulous.

Helps improve air quality

Green Roofs

Although green plantations are beneficial for every location but owing to the growing pollution in urban areas, extensive planting is a dire need in cities. They improve air quality, and green roofs in urban areas are contributing a lot to improve air quality.

As you know, plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This phenomenon works wonders to reduce the heat island effect by VOCs and heavy metal particles from air.

Adds that extra space to your home

Green roofs 2

Usually the roof goes waste as an unused space but not when you convert it into a green roof. It makes a boring and useless roof a sexy and happening rooftop that owners can use for recreation and activities like meetings.

It is not possible to have gardens in many of the urban apartments owing to the lack of space but the green roofs enable you to realize this dream of yours. You can have your kitchen garden or a small nursery at rooftop.

Make buildings energy efficient

green roof_v

You can bring a considerable reduction in the energy consumption in your home by installing a green roof. Green roof is a multi layered roofing system that ensures conservation of energy in a building, as it brings down the heating and cooling costs. Plants grown above the inner roof of layers protect it from harmful UV rays and other elements.

This system does not let heat enter a home, a feature that plays integral role in keeping homes cool in summers. The roof ensures the warm air does not escape out in winters, thus bringing the heating costs down.

Health benefits

green roof

Green roofs have a close relation with a person’s mood and health. It has visual beauty that elevates a person’s mood and enables them to de-stress. Getting up in the morning and strolling in the green space helps maintain normal heart beat rate and blood pressure. Breathing in clean and fresh air also has a number of physical benefits you can enjoy.

Reduces noise

green roof 3

A green roof makes your home soundproof, as the layers of soil, plants and trapped air layers serve as a sound insulation barrier. The system either traps sound waves or reflects them and prevents them from entering your home. The level of sound blocking depends upon the system that you use, the depth of green roof. A conventional roof has a pretty low level of sound insulation if you compare it to the high level noise insulation of a green roof.

Green roof is no less than a gift to an individual and to the environment as a whole. It has loads of benefits, which is why it has become such an inn thing in recent past.

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