Global water crisis taking horrific shape!

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HIV/AIDS, terrorism, and bird flu have emerged as some of the biggest challenges before the world community. But do you know there is another challenge too that is slowly but steadily moving ahead to confound the whole world. That challenge is water scarcity.

Actually, a new report has unveiled the truth that the global water crisis is moving ahead fast and will soon turn into a serious threat for the whole world. Sub-Saharan Africa is estimated to be the most vulnerable to this crisis. Moving ahead on this concern, this report states that lack of clean water is killing five times more children than HIV/AIDS, which I think is a strong blow for slackening the economic growth of the world.

The worst aspect of the problem is that the clean water crisis is getting worst by and by owing to increasing pollution, global warming, and shrinking sources of fresh water.

Don’t you think it is a mockery of the world-order that whereas in UK and US a person is normally flushing about 50l of the water down the drain and on the other end there are some parts of the world where people are hardly even getting 5l % of the contaminated water to fulfill their daily requirements. Water crisis is so worst in some parts of the world that people have to cover miles on their feet to bring water. And in this work children are also helping their parents, as a results they often remain absent from their schools, which ultimately is hindering their educational process too.

This is really shocking that still there are about 1.1-billion people around the world who do not have access to potable water and about 2.6-billion people who do not have access to worthy living conditions.

The intervention of the world’s richest countries to sort out a solution to the growing water crisis worldwide has also become very important. As we know, due to global warming, gigantic glaciers are melting expeditiously and adding to the seawater, which cannot be used for fulfilling day-to-day water requirements. At the same time, irrational use of ground water for agricultural use, especially in the developing countries, is contributing heavily towards underground water level depletion, which is surely heading to serious consequences.

I personally believe that world community will have to do something earnestly to prevent this sprouting problem from developing into a gigantic and horrific problem.

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