Global Warming to Cause 50 Million Refugees by 2010

Turning the global habitats into refugees! Natural calamities and political disruptions have been playing this cruel game for decades, giving birth to homelessness, robbing millions of their lands and homes. But, predicting a mass displacement of people across the globe! And that too, by a series of natural cataclysms, leaving us with no option, but to make an appalling countdown! Yes, scholars are predicting that 50 million people worldwide will be displaced by 2010 because of the impacts brought on by global warming – be it rising sea levels, desertification, dried up aquifers, weather-induced flooding and other serious environmental changes, writes Larry West,’s Guide to Environmental Issues. Red Cross research shows more people are now displaced by environmental disasters than by war Environmental problems already have contributed to large permanent migrations and could eventually displace hundreds of millions of people. Will President Bush still refuse to acknowledge that all these are causes by global warming?


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