Global Warming Effects Fruit Yields

Global warming is also affecting fruit yields! Yes, the ones you include, more or less, in your everyday diet. These are no predictions as aftermaths of global warming. It’s already happening in Japan. In what appears to be fallout from global warming, abnormal fruit, including grapes not turning red and peaches with brown flesh, are becoming nationwide occurrences, forcing producers to seek countermeasures.

The high-quality Aki Queen grape grown in mild coastal areas in Hiroshima Prefecture along the Seto Inland Sea, which are usually large and red remained green even in the harvest month of August. It is apparently because of the high temperatures when the grape should have begun to change color. Such fruits can only be sold at a price less than half the original price. The color, however, is an important factor in determining prices. Will global warming force the producers to change growing areas? If so, then how long can they keep escaping the phenomenon?

Via: Japan Times

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