Eco-jobs from Environmental Dumping Ground

building dump

Buildings are popping out now and then, here in there every day. And the amount of debris it produces each day is quite irritating. Neither the builders, nr the owners know much about what to do with the huge wanton waste produced out of erecting a sky riser. But, it was Omar Freilla innovative thoughts that found a solution to a landfill in the South Bronx, where he found wanton waste of perfectly recyclable building materials. Freilla wants to transform this environmental dumping ground into a Mecca of eco-jobs. He wants to create a worker-owned ‘Home Depot’ type store to sell recycled construction debris. To know more on such subjects, join host Jerry Kay as he catches up with environmental business and community leaders at recent eco-conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area this week. The Beyond Organic one-hour radio show provides such information. So, tune in every Wednesday at 10 a.m. (PST). You can also listen at Icicle Networks and Wisdom Media.

Via: Environmental News Network

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