Coral Reefs Expanding With Predator Fish's Return

nassau grouper

We all know that diseases, hurricanes, warming oceans are dramatically destroying the coral reefs. But, there is nothing to get disappointed. Scientists’ new discovery have provide with a ray of hope for the concerns for the declining marine reserves. In a Bahamas marine reserve, a top predator has returned — which is unexpectedly proving beneficial to coral reefs there, according to a new study.

With the reserve’s population of predatory Nassau grouper bothering the scientists that it would swell at the expense of the already vulnerable reefs, the finding came as a relief to them. To add to the flourishing grouper, large species of parrotfish, a prey for the Nassau grouper have thrived as well. Parrotfish are also crucial to the health of coral reefs, as they are one of the few creatures that graze on seaweed. If the seaweed is left uneaten, it suffocates the corals and prevents reef growth.

Via: National Geographic News

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