China to beat U.S. as the world's top greenhouse gas generator soon

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With China’s economy expanding continuously at a red-hot pace, the country is also highly likely to takeover the United States this year or the next as the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases!

It is just recently, the emissions of greenhouse gas have been growing in the country, whose total amount is much higher compared to that of all industrialized nations put together! This information is revealed along with data from the International Energy Agency — the Paris-based oil importing nations’ alliance.

David Fridley, leader of the China Energy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory said,

The magnitude of what’s happening in China threatens to wipe out what’s happening internationally.

Today’s global warming problem has been caused mainly by us in the West, with the cumulative (carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases) in the atmosphere, but China is contributing to the global warming problem of tomorrow.

It is in 2006 that the consumption of fossil fuels in China rose by 9.3 percent. This is revealed by the new statistics released in Beijing by China’s National Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday.

This increase in the percentage is about the same rate as in previous years, but is about eight times higher compared to the increase in the U.S., which is 1.2 percent.

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