Chemical release into US Environment is declining steadily: Report

into us environment decreasing

Here is a piece of information that will surly relief not only the environmentalists but also the habitants of United States, especially those who are aware and concerned of the polluted air they are breathing in.

Do you know the toxic chemical releases in the US air continue to significantly decline across the continent? This Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) is issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. TRI the annual report on the amount of toxic chemicals released into the environment.

It has been reported that the total releases of chemicals across the nation decreased by 15.5 percent, or 1.05 billion pounds! It’s great! This is from reporting year 2000 to 2001. It is since the inception of TRI in 1988, the trend shows that chemical releases have decreased approximately 54.5 percent!

It is by nearly 7 percent, there was a decrease in releases of mercury to air for all industries. And mercury too reduced in its release in water by 25.6 percent.

More TRI data and background information are available here. And get the TRI explorer mapping tool here.


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