Burying Greenhouse Gases Will Help Britain Meet Kyoto Obligations Easily

co2 emissions2

Scientists are hoping the best for saving the world from global warming. The wonderful technology, ‘carbon capture and storage’, still in its infancy, involves taking carbon dioxide before it is released at power stations and burying it in disused oil or gas fields. This way, billions of tons of carbon dioxide could be dumped under the North Sea, engineers claim. Using this technology, Britain could continue burning carbon dioxide at coal, gas and oil power plants, even while successfully meeting its Kyoto obligations. The technology could also prove to be a major earner for the nation.

As a result, a consortium including BP is announced recently. It wanted to build a pilot electricity plant in Peterhead, near Aberdeen. Its carbon dioxide would be pumped into the nearby Miller Field in the North Sea. The gas would force out the field’s remaining reserves of oil and would be stored there indefinitely.

Via: The Guardian

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