A selection of good environmental fiction

Books tell a lot about a society and its values. Right now, the new buzzword in our societies is ‘Green’. Here is a list of ‘green fiction’ that will help you understand how far the green values have crept into our values.

Presenting the environmental fictions:

Dirt Cheap by Lyn Miller-Lachmann is a story of “one man’s quest for eco-justice.”

Kelpie Wilson’s Primal Tears centers around a young woman who volunteers to be a surrogate mother for an endangered species of chimpanzee.

The Great Tree of Avalon series takes place in T.A. Barron’s fantasy world of Avalon; the latest in the series is Shadows on the Stars.

And finally, one for the kids: Trouble on Tarragon Island, the latest in a series by Nikki Tate, is about a young girl whose grandmother joins a radical group of eco-protestors and even participates in a calendar of semi-nude photos.

Or, if you prefer to turn even your culinary skills into a green one… here are books that could help you:

Cooking With Sunshine, a book of recipes by Lorraine Anderson and Rick Palkovic;

.The Solar Food Dryer, by Eben Fodor — more of a how-to guide.

Via: gristmill.grist.org

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