12 Tips on 'How to Get Better Gas Mileage'

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Are you pondering on how to improve your automobile gas mileage? Edmunds offers its own ten tips for improving fuel economy. And Doris Dobkins‘ top-ten-list to better mileage deserves consideration. Some of out-of-the ordinary ways for improving car gas mileage summarized by are as follows:

#1: Clean and Wax Your Car:
Tom Wagner, Jr. (cited in claims a 7% gain in fuel economy (from 15 to 16 mpg) on a 1,600-mile road trip due to washing and waxing his car.

#2: Use the Air Conditioner:
To reduce enormous aerodynamic drag, at highway speeds it’s best to use your A/C instead of rolling down your windows. Aerodynamic drag reduces fuel efficiency.

#3: Don’t Use Cruise Control on Uneven Terrain:
Don’t use cruise control on uneven roads. Generally, most cruise controls mirror the acceleration habits on uneven terrain.

#4: Use Cruise Control on Even Terrain:
But, it’s the other way for flat, even terrain. Here, use your cruise control to maintain an even speed and reduce acceleration/deceleration cycles that reduce fuel efficiency.

#5: Use Overdrive Gears:
This is what many people neglect or forget to do. On the highway, use your overdrive gears and save gas efficiently.

#6: Inflate Your Tires:

Low tire pressure reduces mileage up to 4% per five pounds of pressure. Unavoidably, all tires lose pressure over time. So check them every month.

#7: Replace Air Filter:
Dirty filter can reduce fuel economy by 10% or more.

#8: Lose Weight:
Every pound of weight on your car counts. So, take out all the junk you have accumulated in the trunk, under and between the seats, etc.

#9: Go Radial:
Radial tires get 2-3% better gas mileage than the others. Go go for it.

#10: Go High Grade:
If the engine is explicitly designed for it, high grade gas delivers better mileage – though most of them aren’t. Otherwise, high grade gas does not improve mileage and is a waste of money.

#11: Keep a Control on Speed:
Reducing your speed from 65 mph (105kph) to 55 mph (88 kps) can save up to 17%.

#12: Be Aggressive:
Don’t go on acceleration/deceleration while driving. This has the greatest impact on your gas mileage and fuel efficiency. If you only make one change, let this be it.

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