8 Eco friendly tips to save on Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning

The world is growing increasingly fashionable but there is also an ever increasing concern for the environmental hazards. In our own little way we are all trying to be as eco friendly as can be. But there are still some aspects which do not cross our minds when we try to save environment. For instance, dry cleaning takes up a lot of our time money and efforts. If statistics are to be believed it also does as much damage to the environment as it does to your pockets. So in this article we will give you some tips to implement while you avail dry cleaning. These will save you a lot of your extra money and also be useful when it comes to being eco friendly.

Some valuable try cleaning tips

  1. Know if your garment needs dry cleaning:
    machine wash
    A lot of times it so happens that we send out something for dry cleaning which we really would not have to. They could been washed at home or simply could have been machine washed. It is thus important to remember which of your clothes actually need dry cleaning. Other than those try to wash the other garments at home. You will save money in the process and also do some significant good to the environment. Start to know your fabric and its requirements.
  2. Use vodka: Apart from drinking it, vodka has quite a few advantages. One of them is that it can be spread on your dress or your jacket. It will evaporate soon but its disinfecting property will kill germs that could harm your clothes and could make a trip to the dry cleaner compulsory. Just be careful that for this purpose you are not using flavored vodka. They tend to have a strong smell which might linger on to your clothes making it somewhat uncomfortable.
  3. Get a clothes steamer:
    Get a clothes steamer
    This one time investment will not only save money in the long run but also save environment. Get hold of a clothes steamer and use it judiciously to counter the wrinkled and mangled clothes. While you can also iron the clothes it is not the best option for the delicate fabrics. For this reason, people often tend to go for dry cleaning when it comes to the delicate fabrics. This magical equipment will prove to be very useful in this regard as it uses steam to solve the problem of wrinkles. In the process you will end up spending more on your trips to the dry cleaning.
  4. Hang the clothes: This can be easily implemented among the several eco friendly tips and will hardly take much effort. A lot of times what happens is that we are too careless about the clothes. Dropping them on the floor or worse still, the bathroom floor requires trips to the dry cleaner which in an expensive procedure and also not the most eco friendly. So start off with the practice of hanging the clothes and save significantly by avoiding dry cleaning.
  5. Space the trips further:
    trip to the dry cleaners
    Let us be honest with you! At times the trip to the dry cleaners is a necessity and we all need to. But what can be smart move to save some money and also be eco friendly is to space the trips further apart. If previously you visited the dry cleaning store once in a month make it once in two. With this little constraint you will actually end up saving double the amount you could. This is one of the best eco friendly tips on dry cleaning that you will ever get.
  6. Store your clothes properly: Many people have the habit of being careless with the way they keep their clothes. The maintenance of your clothes is extremely important if you are planning lesser trips to the dry cleaner. Dry cleaning can be delayed and substituted but with some good habits. Always make it a point to hang your clothes properly after removing them. After they have been neatly ironed or steamed, fold them with care. This will help in avoiding the unnecessary wrinkles which might mean another trip to the dry cleaning store. Keep them stacked up inside a wardrobe to save it from the insects and germs and better still, store them with naphthalene balls.
  7. Home dry cleaning set:
    Dry cleaning
    What is it that the dry cleaners do that you cannot? Nothing as such and all you need to do is get your hands on a nice dry cleaning set. There are plenty of options in the market and all you need to do is get the best one for yourself. While this will be a onetime investment, in the long run you will end up saving way more than you had to spend. Do the hard work yourself and reap the rewards of saving a lot of money time and effort. Not to mention the beneficial effect it will have on the environment.
  8. Use stain removers: This is an incidence of common occurrence. At the slightest of stains we rush to the dry cleaning store to protect our favorite clothing. This is completely unnecessary as there are plenty of stain removers in the market. Buy one of these products and use them when you have the stain. However not all stain removers are suited for all the fabrics. Know the fabric well and before using make sure that the product is suitable for that particular fabric. This simple trick will help you save a lot in terms of the expense of dry cleaning. However be careful as if you go wrong you might damage the clothing.

Final words

We hope that these eco friendly tips will come in handy the next time you opt for dry cleaning. The best part is that not only are you doing something eco friendly, you are also doing your bit to save money. The amount spent on dry cleaning can be spent on so much more and you will end up thanking us for the valuable tips.

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