6 career options for environmental science majors

career options for environmental science majors

Of late, the career in environmental studies has soared in the market since the past decade. This is because of the moving interest in sustainability. Now we are aware of our impact on the environment like never before. We know that each product that each tree we cut, each animal we shoot down has a significant impact on the environment. As an individual case, the impact might be negligible. However, when you study the cumulative effect of all this, it is gigantic. Nevertheless, as common people, all we can do is live a sustainable lifestyle. But those bent on changing the environment should try to find career options in environmental science.

What do you need to have a successful career in environmental science?

This field deals with a wide array of subjects and offers some of the best professional choices. It is extremely easy to pursue a successful career in this field. All you need is to have the knack and aptitude to enter into this field. Furthermore, you also need to cover subjects like chemistry, biology, physics or geology. That’s all.

6 – Career options for environmental science majors

There are several career options for environmental science majors for the people aspiring to enter into this domain. If you are passionate about subjects like a conversation, sustainability, global warming, ecology, and unconventional energy sources, you can best salaries. For that, you should apply in companies dealing with the environment with an approximate salary reaching a tangible amount.

Here are six of the most interesting career options for environmental science majors:

1) Environmental Consultant

barren land The companies and business organizations of different types are required to prepare a number of environmental impact studies while they are engaged in developing a barren land or employ a developed space for an alternative cause.

This job involves the role of environmental consultant thus giving them the best job opportunities. These professionals are trained and skilled to use a number of analytical tools. These are necessary to study and analyze the way development project would add its impact over the soil, water, and wildlife in the chosen space.

The role of EC is to recommend ways to improve the potential effects. They get a whopping salary of not less than a million. This makes Environmental Consultant the best career options for environmental science majors. For this role, you need to be good in our communication skills (writing & presentation). In addition, it requires you to draft a number of technical reports for various recommendations to different clients.

2) Environmental Scientist

Environmental-scientistsThe role of an environmental scientist will vary from one company to the other. However, it is still common for these professionals to carry out experiments. These experiments are usually dealing with the study of chemicals and water. Therefore, those who have knowledge about them and know their implications over the environment fit the choice.

Furthermore, environmental scientists also have to deal with creating a study for different types of pollution and its impact on the environment. They do so using graphs and rich content so as to help the people in this domain. For this, they need to make well-informed decisions regarding the environmental laws and study the implications on mankind, animals, and on the environment.  The role of an environmental scientist is to identify and prepare an action plan to deal with environmental issues. We would need this ultimately to make our planet safe.

3) Environmental Engineer – the career options for environmental science majors

When you need technical solutions to fix the issues related to environmental pollution/contamination the environmental engineer comes into the picture. They are hired to propose and put into practice these systems. In this role, the engineers will their environment knowledge end up designing an environmental technology for the problem.

These professionals need good quantitative skills. These are required to present the proposals and projects. Furthermore, they have to offer recommendations to a wide array of clients. Their role is to coordinate with different people, professionals and positions. In addition, they also have to chalk out proper solutions and present before the clients in an effective and clear fashion. Pursuing this career can offer you the best job opportunities.

4) Environmental Educator

Environmental EducatorOne of the next career options for environmental science majors includes Environmental Educator. The role of EE is to present a comprehensive perspective on different environmental problems. They should have the capability to address different clients in the industry. The job of EE is to absorb all the information they have learned and mastered. They have to work on an environment that surrounds the targeted geographic areas of practice. Therefore, they depend upon the training to investigate and interpret the info for carrying out the fieldwork.

It is vital to convey a sense of excitement during your communications with a different set of people including clients, visitors, students, and general people. You need to have excellent communication skills and have a command over environmental studies. You should have a dynamic presentations skill to be an Environmental Educator.

5) Environmental Attorney

Environmental AttorneyOne of the next career options for environmental science majors includes Environmental Attorney. For this, you need to have a law background along with a degree in environmental science. Once you possess that you are the right person to be in this domain.Your knowledge about the ES would prove an assent while dealing with cases related to environmental issues.

Your role would be to talk to different professionals working in the ES domain. These would include environmental engineers, environmental scientists, biologists, chemists, and others and then litigate the cases. In addition, you also need to understand the technicalities and check for their reliability of your findings. Furthermore, you need strong writing skills along with having good knowledge about ES. It also requires having a fair understanding of the environmental regulations if you are employed in any government undertaking firm.

6) Sustainability Specialist

 career options for environmental science majorsDifferent organizations are relying on eco-friendly ways to bring out their products and services. This brings in Sustainability Specialist into the picture. These professionals have an important role in studying a wide array of environmental practices. Moreover, they have to study the implications of any business organization and recommend along with implementing different strategies to preserve the resources and thus reduce the environmental damages.

These professionals have sound knowledge of scientific methodologies. This is required for carrying out the high-end study of the impact of the on-going operations over the environment. They also have to enlist several benefits while implementing alternate procedures.

As a Sustainability Specialist, you need to have strong writing skills along with interpersonal skills. These can help you in jotting down the professionals. Your role is to plan and manage projects for executing the solutions.

Final Words

The field of ES (Environmental Science) is a diverse field, which offers students numerous options to study and enjoy a rewarding career in the chosen field in it. The future in this field is secured, you can play different roles with the study of environmental study, which include the lab work, the research work, the legal thing, the management, and many more other roles. The above are some of the career options found in this field that offer the best future.

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