15 Superb Ways of Reusing Your Old Underwear

Recycling stuff is probably the best way to extend its shelf life.  A piece of cloth once used as an underwear may next be used a something else. Read on to know more about how you can reuse your old underwear for something better:

  1. Use it as a rag: The soft cotton cloth piece of your underwear can be made into a rag used for wiping or dusting. It will save you the effort of buying a new cloth, and nothing cleans well than an old piece of clothing.
  2. Pillow filling:
    Pillow filling
    Old underwear can be stuffed inside a pillow to make them softer and more comfortable.
  3. Bed for pets: Create a cushion out of all your used under clothing and stack them together to make a comfortable and fluffy bed for your dogs and cats.
  4. Get an underwear bag: There are plenty of tutorials online that show you how to make a bag out of old boxers. Put your thinking cap on and get creative with designing your own underwear-bag.
  5. Design a rug: Colourful underclothing can double up as small rugs too. Make your own rug accordingly by using patchwork or any other art form with your underwear to have a new rug.
  6. Decompose:
    If you are fond of gardening, you can bury your old cotton underwear in the soil and watch your plants bloom. Take care to remove the elastic before you do this.
  7. Style up your dress: A few colourful patches from your old underwear stitched on to your dress will immediately up its look and make your attire trendy enough to be noticed. Play with colours to get a new look out of your underwear cloth.
  8. Make halter tops: An old underwear can be put to good use by wearing it as a halter top. You can get innovative with this and use your own ideas too.
  9. Design your own bags: The same concept can be applied to bags too. You can even use patched clutches with your underwear cloth, and no one would be able to tell.
  10. For females:
    sports bra
    An old, but clean men’s underwear can be carefully and accordingly cut to double up as a tank top or a sports bra for females. The look is good and fresh, without any trace of the fact that the cloth was once an underwear.
  11. Make a handkerchief: A good piece of your underwear clothing is fine enough to be converted into a handkerchief for carrying around. The cloth needs to cotton and soft.
  12. Tablecloth: Have you ever noticed the cloth pad placed under pots or other show items on your glass table? This is to avoid scratches on the glass. That cloth pad could be your former underwear.
  13. Small sachets: Cut out underwear cloth pieces can be made into small pouches to store valuable coins or any other tiny belongings. The cloth of the underwear will hold them together.
  14. Hair ties: This one works very well if you can get hold of a good colourful underwear. Stitch yourself a hairband or a hair tie that will make your look stand out.
  15. Dusters: An old and used cotton cloth underwear double up very well as a duster to clean glass and polished surfaces.

There are also plenty of other different and practical ways by which you can put your used underwear to good use. There are a variety of creative hacks that you can come up with to make use of your underwear. It also has a beneficial impact on the environment, while saving you a couple of hard-earned bucks.

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