11 simple eco-friendly pest control methods

With sustainability quickly becoming one of the most popular trends among millennials, everyone nowadays is trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Keeping in mind the wastage we do while cleaning, eco-cleaning is also becoming common among many people. It better cleaning without affecting the health of people. In addition to saving the environment, it also saves you from the harmful effects of the harsh chemicals present in many cleaning products. In case you think that the product you are using is not that bad, think again. There are many cleaning products, which, if they mix, become highly toxic. You can easily avoid this by opting for eco-friendly pest control methods.

11 simple eco-friendly pest control methods

With growing concern about the environment, people are switching to greener methods of living. From reusable sources of energy to avoiding plastic bags, every minute effort counts when it comes to conserving nature.

But what about the pest control methods? People still choose to use loads of chemicals to get rid of bugs, insects, and rodents from their houses and yards which not only affects the environment, aquatic life, and mammals but the toxic chemicals affect us as well.

There are many organic pest control methods that can get rid of pests all the while ensuring that no harm is done to the environment. Check out the 12 simple eco-friendly methods of pest control that you should adopt today.

1. Cedar oil to repel insects

Instead of going for chemically loaded insect repellants, try cedar oil instead. It is non-toxic insect repellant that will get rid of commonly found insects like mosquitos, cockroaches, and ants. It can be used safely on the bedding of your pets as well.

2. Get rid of fleas without chemicals

Fleas and their eggs can be banished without using chemicals at all. Simply wash, vacuum, and steam your mats and carpets to clean them. Use pet-friendly soaps and combs to get rid of fleas from the fur of your pets. Wash the bedding of your pets in hot water regularly to prevent a flea infestation.

3. Avoid rat baits and Use rattraps instead

Placing poison in the corners of your house is one of the ways to get rid of rats. However, the poison kills rats slowly and painfully which makes the method inhumane and on top of it if another animal or your pet eats the poisoned rat, it can die and spread diseases.

A better way to catch rodents running around your house is by setting up rat traps. There are many rattraps available in the market that don’t hurt the mice but do the job effectively. Instead of going old school and placing cheese as the bait, use peanut butter or uncooked oats to lure rats.

4. Solar powered pest control equipment

Keeping nature in mind, pest control methods are evolving to incorporate environment friendly ways. One of such products involves collecting energy through the solar panels above the ground while its spike is buried in the ground. The device sends vibrations under the ground to scare off small animals that live in holes under the ground.

5. Sticky boards for insects

Sticky boards can be used for insects that crawl. It can trap the insects around the place without engaging the use chemicals. Place the sticky board at a place where insects are mostly found.

6. Avoid insect sprays

The first thing we do when we spot cockroaches is bring out bug sprays and aim at them. But the chemical, organophosphates, present in them doesn’t kill them but paralyzes them. The chemical is also harmful to humans as well.

7. Make your own sticky trap

You can also make your own sticky trap for cockroaches. Take a jar and put a banana peel in it. Put some petroleum jelly on the rim of the jar. The taste and smell of banana will attract the cockroaches and they will get stuck on the rim of the jar in their attempt to get the banana peel.

8. Keep the woolens in your freezer

As unusual as it sounds, this trick can actually kill larvae from your woolens. Simply put your woolens in your freezer for a few days at the start and end of the season.

9. Use soap water for ants

Ants are always found crawling on a trail because of the chemical released by the ants proceeding ahead of them. Simply spray some soapy water on a colony of ants and it will remove the chemical trail which will prevent them from going ahead.

10. Beer to banish slugs

Slugs are attracted to beer and can be dealt with easily by placing beer in a dish in your garden. They will drown in it as soon as they try to climb into it.

11. Eggshells for snails

Another easy way to protect your plants from the terror of snails is by using eggshells. Break the eggshells and place them around the plants. Snails will be unable to cross the barrier as the sharp edges of eggshells can hurt their soft and slimy bodies.

Some green gadgets you can employ for eco-friendly cleaning

Encouraging eco-cleaning makes people use all the waste products, which they used to throw once. Using old things saves the environment from getting dirty saving the high cost of cleansing products. Moreover, contributing in saving the environment is a good deed. Using following gadgets, you can also promote eco cleaning and save the environment from being dirty.

1. Aluminum foil scrubber

Cleaning those dirty pans is the toughest task in the kitchen. While the pan is full of sticky patches and stains, it takes hours to clean them. For easy cleaning, try using aluminum foil. Instead of throwing it away after every use, use them as a scrubber for cleaning dark patches on the pans. Take a used piece of the foil and roll it to make round shaped just like a ball. Place it on the scrubber and next time you wash dirty pans, use this scrubber. It really works well on the bottoms of the pan making it clean and shiny.

2. Paintbrush keyboard cleaner

Almost everyone has this dirty habit of eating over his or her laptops. Eating over it makes it quite difficult to clean, as all the food crumbs fallen goes in between the keys making it tougher to clean. For cleaning your keyboard without using any harmful chemicals, use old paintbrush. Little bristles of the brush go deep inside the keys to clean it properly. You can drop the idea of using harsh chemicals and use this trick to clean the laptop.

3. Clean make up brushes with spice grater

Make up brushes are hard to clean and using the dirty brush repeatedly harms the skin by increasing the number of bacteria. Regular cleaning can keep the bacteria away and thus making healthy skin. For properly cleaning the makeup brushes, take a spice grater and pour some water in it so that the makeup from the brush comes out easily. Using this trick will clean the brushes properly and effortlessly.

4. Sterilized door handles

While holding doors, large number of bacteria transfers to your hands making them dirty. Keeping them clean is necessary to avoid touching germs and bacteria each time you hold the handle of the doors. Dirty hands leads to many diseases, so one must avoid this practice of touching handles with naked hands. Using sterilized doors and handles will help you get rid of the bacteria with the help of UV lights.

UV lights are more effective in killing the bacteria than any other cleaning method. When the handle is not in use, UV lights continuously sterilize it and when you open the doors, it is clean and germ free. Making this handle a part of your home, you do not have to worry about the dirty handles and nay diseases.

5. Clean clothes with The Scrubba Wash Bag

For people who love hiking and travelling a lot, do not have time to wash clothes because of the busy schedule. The Scrubba Wash Bag is a great help to such people. With the technology used in it, makes the bag a good partner while travelling. Just keep in the dirty clothes inside this bag and rest the bag will do. With this bag, no more worries about cleaning the dirty clothes. Bag being so flexible, you can carry it anywhere you go.

Eco cleaning is a healthy way of cleaning making a good impact on the environment and our health as well. With these eco cleaning gadgets, it has become easy for people to clean things in a healthy way, thus contributing in making a healthy environment.

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