11 Ridiculously Easy ways to go green as a college student

ways to go green as a college student

The damage that is being done to the environment by humanity is known to all. All sensible and well informed people are trying to do their bits in this regard but somewhere it still isn’t enough. In this hour of crisis the world looks to its huge student population to make an impact.

As a college student you are all well aware of the damage that has been done and the damage that is continuing. So, take the initiative, do your bit for the ailing environment, and in the process inspire others to join in. There is nothing more stylish in the current situation than a sustainable college life.

Some easy ways to go green as college student

  1. Walk and cycle:
    Walk-and-cycleMost college students are of the opinion that it is cool to come out in a roaring motorbike or a stylish car. You are different and educated enough to know better. If your college or any destination for that matter is close enough, take a walk. You can even cycle your way around the town. It is not only a healthy option for you and keeps you fit, it also does a world of good to the environment where fossil fuel combustion wrecks havoc on its stability on a regular basis.
  2. Use reusable water bottles: It is impossible to do away with water bottles as a student and we admit it is a necessity. What you can do however is, use a bottle that you can refill and use multiple times. Every time you use a disposable plastic bottle you basically add to the tons of plastic garbage that accumulates under the oceans. Lead a sustainable college life and drink water responsibly.
  3. Switch things off:Switch-things-offOne easy way to go green as college student is to ensure that you switch off appliances every time you leave the class or your room. Electricity is a major cause of depletion of precious natural resources and the more you conserve the better the results are for the world. So switch of all lights fans and coolers or other electrical gadgets when they are not in use and do your part for the conservation of resources.
  4. Take short showers: One really smart eco friendly initiative is to perfect the art of a short 5minute shower. You will not only save your precious time in the process, but also save water which is among the fastest depleting resources. Also a short shower would mean that the pumps would require to be switched on less often thus also saving electricity through your smart move.
  5. Eat less meat:eat less meat We are not rooting for you to go vegan but a good one among several environmentally friendly ideas is to cut down on the consumption of meat. Meat industries depend on cattle rearing which is a huge cause for global warming. Also just a single kilogram of meat to be processed requires huge quantities of water. If you cut down on your meat consumption you would do a significant part in benefitting the environment.
  6. Choose brands after research: The brand can be selling you anything from cosmetics to leather belts or fur coats. Don’t go by the name but see what their products are doing to the environment. If the answers do not satisfy you, opt for more eco friendly options. For instance it is not wise to use aerosol sprays or fur coats made from the fur of endangered animals. Fashion is not enough reason to damage the environment.
  7. Save energy at every opportunity:Save-energy-at-every-opportunity
    This can be a key to go green as college student. Energy is crucial but needs saving in today’s times. Switch to smart energy efficient choices and help the environment. For instance change the regular light bulbs to energy efficient options. Use the air conditioner in such a temperature where it provides you comfort alongside saving energy. Where possible use the non damaging forms of energy like the solar energy or solar powered equipments.
  8. Get out of junk mail services: Thousands of tons of paper are wasted each day around the world to deliver all the junk mail. It can be easily addressed by simply opting out of such junk mail services. It saves you the time you would otherwise devote in opening and reading the unnecessary mails. It also helps the environment by reducing the cutting of trees to however a minor scale it may be.
  9. Use cosmetics sensibly:Use-cosmetics-sensiblyMuch of the cosmetics available in the markets are not of the quality you would expect. They are made of harmful chemicals and in many cases they are derived from exotic and endangered animals. Try using the organic products as your cosmetics in your attempt to go green as college student. Even something as small as this has a positive role in the betterment of the environment.
  10. Share magazines: Student life is never complete without a good read of the best magazines in the market or the best of books. However, in order to print those millions of trees need to be cut around the world. Stop this deforestation by adapting the simple practice of sharing the magazines you own with your friends and family. Someone rightly said, “Sharing is caring”.
  11. Shop less:Shop-less.This is a hard thing to do as a student with so many lucrative options to buy from. But if you are actually looking for an eco-friendly initiative, curb this habit of yours and shop less than what you do. Every time you buy a new product more resources are taken from the face of the planet. So whenever possible, boost your quest to go green as college student by buying used products or shopping relatively less.

Final words

The eco-friendly initiative begins with you but does not end there. If you follow all that we just told you, you would have played your part for a better environment. Not only that, you would have inspired your fellow citizens to adapt to these environmentally friendly ideas and leave behind a greener earth than what you found.

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